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For over 15 years, OSCL has been on the forefront in education by placing over 10,000 students in UK universities and colleges. Representing a large cohort of UK universities and colleges, OSCL’s mission has always been to put the student’s needs first. It prides itself in providing the best of customer care.


OSCL was once the former approved Partner of the British High Commission in Bangladesh and currently it is a member of UKTI (UK Trade & Investment).


Often a lack of places and uncertain circumstances means that there are not enough places to study in a country. This means that studying abroad will help you achieve your dreams. You will get a world class education together with a range of courses and qualifications, SO that YOU can decide where you want to be. Your confidence will increase and through your newly found independence, you will be able to face challenges which will arm you for a better life.


Our Mission

Overseas study counselling Ltd works together with students to avail the best possible overseas education, develop them to grow to their full potential and make them competent and confident to compete in the global market and as well as in Bangladesh.


To ensure that, we are committed to provide proper education counselling to the students on choosing the right course in the right institutions, give advice and guidance on their career planning and also stimulate their moral responsibility towards our country Bangladesh.


We do believe this is a very big responsibility for OSCL as our supervision may make new leaders for Bangladesh who will make our country very prosperous by their knowledge, skill, experiences and dynamic ideas.


We do congratulate and wish all the best to our Bangladeshi students who are in the UK for their education and hope they will join Bangladesh with their new aspiration and full swing after the completion of their degrees.


Those who have completed their degree already from the UK and working in different sectors of Bangladesh we wish them every success in their lives.


This is why OSCL is here and this is the way makes us very happy and proud; yes we have done something for our nation.

Study at affordable prices

For many studying abroad is aspirational and can seem expensive. However, if a student has a life strategy and is focused, then it is possible to obtain a foreign qualification as we can help plan your life’s roadmap. OSCL represents many institutions. Find out and talk to our counselors, we can help you achieve your dream.


  • OSCL has the highest visa success rates
  • Processes student, dependant and visit visas
  • Issues university offer letter within 3 working days

OSCL and the institutions it represents are world class and that is YOUR international passport to enter and be the person you want to be.


Visa Rate
Admission Rate
Pass Rate

Talk to us

For studying abroad, we have a team of former expertise from the British Council and British Council trained Counsellors who can assess you and your needs. Raiqah Walie-Khan the former Head of Education UK at British Council is now at OSCL leading on student recruitment. She and another colleague, Shajeda  Khatun, Education Counsellor , for 20 years at the British Council are here to help you. Therefore, OSCL is one of the most experienced and student recruitment firm in Bangladesh that  can cover most of the UK universities and colleges that you want to apply to.

  • OSCL has prospectuses and information sheets to inform you of your choice.
  • We can assist with choosing what to study, where to study and how to get there
  • We can help with applying for scholarships and funding, filling out university application forms, including UCAS application, and giving first hand advice about what life as a student is like in the UK
  • Making the necessary contacts with choosing UK universities on your behalf
  • Keeping you informed of progress of your application within a reasonable time
  • Assisting you with the completion of any necessary course application forms
  • Assisting you with visa application procedures
  • Conduct pre departure briefings