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Country Name: Thailand

Thailand is a great choice for international study due to famous Thai people’s friendliness and hospitality and the country’s rich culture and economic development. With a fascinating combination of tradition and modernism, and exotic scenery, Thailand welcomes more than 20,000 international students each year.


Why Study in Thailand?

You will explore diverse eco-systems not found anywhere else in the world

From the mountains of the north to the oceans and islands of the south, Thailand is a beautiful country that offers the opportunity to explore an array of rich eco-systems. Nature lovers and environmental science majors alike will enjoy discovering the diverse interaction of living organisms and nonliving elements in the mudflats, forests, lowlands, and coral reefs throughout the country, just to name a few possibilities.


Cost of Living:

Thailand is not as cheap as it used to be with Bangkok recently being named the second most expensive city in Southeast Asia behind Singapore. However, the city also offers the most competitive prices for shoppers who explore.

You will indulge in delicious and exciting foods every.


Tuition and Program Duration:
Tuition and fees vary across universities and programs.