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Country Name: Canada

Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. It has ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean. The name of the capital is Ottawa and it's three largest Metropolitan areas are Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Canada is part of several major international and intergovernmental institutions or groupings including the United Nations the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the G7 (formerly G8), the Group of Ten, the G20, the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Asia-pacific Economic Cooperation forum.


Reasons to move to Canada:

Canada is an extremely attractive study destination.  There are few reasons to move to Canada.

1.   Jobs in Canada- There are great employment opportunities available to eligible skilled foreign workers who move to Canada. Thousands of foreign workers are needed by Canadian Companies to fill jobs in Canada in a range of high-demand occupations, due to large part to an ongoing labor Shortage.

2.    Incredible Cites- Many people decide to move to Canada so they can enjoy the high standard of living found in Canadian Cities. For the past several years in a row ,the Economist Intelligence unit (EIU) has ranked Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary among the Top Five” Most Livable Cites” in the world ,out of 140 cities evaluated around the globe. 

3.   Freedom- In November 2015, the Legatum Global Prosperity Index declared Canada to be the number one country in the word for personal freedom. Canada is a Western democracy which protects freedoms and human rights under the rule of law and where men and women of various backgrounds can live freely, without fear of government oppression.

4.     Safety and Security- Canada is known for being one of the safest countries on Earth, both in terms of its relatively low level of violent crime as well as its political stability and location is a peaceful part of the planet.

5.   Education Opportunity- People who immigrates to Canada has access to its excellent education system, which includes several of the world’s top institutions of higher education.


Education System in Canada:

Education across Canada is generally divided into four stages: pre-school or early childhood education; primary or elementary education; secondary education and post-secondary or tertiary education, which includes college and university programs and vocational/technical schooling.


Credit Transfer Opportunity:

It’s definitely possible to transfer credits from Bangladeshi University. When you are applying to a Canadian University just attach the official transcript and details course description with the admission form. Make sure you notarized the official transcript. Once the university offers you a letter of admission, they will evaluate your transcript and offer you advanced standing for the courses that matches with their corresponding course. If you are not satisfied with the advanced standing approval, you can further talk to an academic advisor once you come to Canada.

University Ranking in Canada –There are 26 Canadian universities in the QS World University Rankings 2019, ranked based on six indicators, including employer and academic reputations and citations per faculty member, a measure of research impact. Read on to count down the 10 highest-ranked Canadian universities in this year’s ranking, plus a look at how its other institutions performed.