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Country Name: Italy

Italy lies in Southern Europe and is one of the six founding countries of the European Union. Italy borders six countries: France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Vatican City and San Marino. Italy’s historic treasures and magnificent cuisine continue to draw visitors as they have done for centuries. From the snow-capped Dolomites in the North to the warm maritime Mediterranean culture of the South, Italy’s regions are diverse and exciting. For the international student seeking world-class but affordable education, with a wide range of social and leisure activities, few countries are as exciting a choice as Italy.



Plenty of top universities with an impressive international environment

ü  Italy is an affordable destination for international students

ü  Easy ways to travel the country

ü  A country full of wonders

ü  So many English-taught degrees you won't know what to choose

ü  Surrounded by arts, architecture and fashion


How much students earn in Italy?

The Italian laws permit a student to work 4 hours a day and a maximum of 20 hours a week. Irrespective of your years of experience and personal profile, Generally Italian Companies look to hire you as an intern and the pay would be around 500 – 1000 euro;


What is the Cost of Living in Italy for students?

Prices vary from city to city or even with regions. Generally one could look forward to spend between 350 – 600 euros depending on your location and average expenses.

Rent for Accommodation: Shared : € 150 – 300 and Non-Shared :  € 200 – 500 

Additional Expenses: Utilities: €50 (gas, electricity, water, trash) | Internet: €30 (divided by number of room-mates)

Supermarket: For an average person cooking at home would be approximately 50 Euros/week.

Buses: 1 ticket costs 1.20 Euro and lasts for 1 hour from the time it is validated. You can purchase a 25 day pass for 22 Euros.

Taxis: On an average about 10-30 Euros-depending on frequency.

Trains: On an average about 80-100 Euros/month-depending on your travel.

Pizza and a drink: 8-20 Euros approximately.

Dinner in a restaurant: 15- 35 Euros approximately.

Public Laundry: Washing 3.50 Euros | Drying 3.50 Euros.

Internet point: 10 minutes costs 1 Euro | 30 minutes costs 2.50 Euros | 1 hour costs 3 Euros | 24 hours costs 20 Euros | Weekly subscription 20 Euros | Monthly subscription costs 75-80 Euros.


What is the full time job opportunity for immigrants in Italy?

The opportunity would be very less compared to other European Countries like France, Germany etc. You require having good command over the local Italian Language and exceptional command in English. It is illegal for non-EU citizens to work in Italy without a “permesso di lavoro” (work permit). For full time jobs it would be 1300 – 1500 again depending on your profile and years of experience in Italy. Generally it would be 1300 euros for 14 months. 

In typical Mediterranean style, Italy welcomes International high school students and visitors with open arms. This should not be undervalued when searching for your perfect high school study abroad experience. Culture shock can be more severe if staying in a country where you feel resented by the locals. The Italian outgoing nature will also help you to make friends and feel more comfortable and less isolated while living so far from home.