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Country Name: China

China has become one of Glowing State, The forefront country in industrialization and a leader of the global economy, making it a very enticing study abroad location. And while you thought just looking for the perfect destination to study abroad was overwhelming, you’ve now found it is even more overwhelming since you choose such a question mark of a country like China.

China is an entirely different world and there’s a lot you need to learn, young grasshopper, before you pack up and ride off into the sunset to studing abroad to china.


You might have so many questions about a study abroad china experience that you don’t even know where to start. So here’s a list of nine of the most frequently asked questions about studying in China and some studying abroad in China tips to help you get the ball rolling: 


Where are the most popular places to study in China?

Following a massive urbanization movement, China currently boasts 20 cities with over three million inhabitants, including seven cities with over 10 million people. Specialized study abroad programs sometimes offer locations outside of the big cities in smaller towns or rural areas, but Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong remain the most popular study abroad destinations.

 Other popular study abroad locations in China include Chengdu, Tianjin, and Kunming. China is a huge country, which governs over 22 provinces and five autonomous regions, many with their own distinct culture, dialect, and way of life. Anywhere you go will offer something unique and different —so research carefully, choose wisely, and travel a lot while you study abroad in China!


How much does it cost?

Rejoice—China is very affordable, even on a student budget. Although China boasts the world’s second largest economy, it is still very much a developing nation, and so the cost of living is quite cheap compared to most Western countries. Meals will generally only run you a few dollars and many prices are up to negotiation. Prices are lower in rural areas than in the cities, and informal market places are cheaper than recognizable Western businesses. Know that as a young tourist you will stand out so be careful of scams and artificially marked-up prices. These pitfalls quickly become recognizable though, and you will come to find the Chinese people unendingly hospitable and sincerely interested in Western culture. 

There are many scholarships made available for study in China, from Western and Chinese institutions alike. Be sure to take advantage of these by consulting GoAbroad’s Scholarship Directory to find out more information on opportunities and eligibility requirements for studying in China. Here are a bunch of other ideas to cover the costs of study abroad, as well as awesome advice to create and stick to your study abroad budget.

Chinese students and are a great way to break cultural boundaries and make lifelong friends.


Any ideas for study in China bucket list?

·         We thought you’d never ask!

·         Eat dumplings! Lots of them, with lots of different fillings. Bonus points if you can find purple, green, or orange ones. 

·         Visit the Great Wall. It’s stellar. Pro tip: Wear good walking shoes because it’s quite the climb. Time your visit with sunset for especially spectacular photos.

·         Befriend a pengyou. There’s over a billion Chinese citizens—you can surely find a couple to be your friend, right? These relationships are perfect for complementing your learning and never having to drink milk tea alone.

·         Drink lots and lots of green tea. The more bitter, the better. Trust us. You’ll get there.

·         Gnaw on chicken feet. It’s wacky and weird and anything but tasty, but it is fun nonetheless and makes for great photos. These claws are made for walkin’ (and as a toothpick substitute?).

·         Try speaking Mandarin for a whole day. You’ll be surprised how much you absorb by intent listening, not to mention how quick others are to help you stumble through a complicated sentence. Damn tones!

·         Cycle from Yangshuo to Guilin. The karst mountains are stunning AND you’ll get a quick workout in. More room for “Crossing the Bridge Noodles,” a Yunnan speciality.

·         Chuan’r your heart out. Chuan’r is a way of life in the after hours. Don’t hold back when it comes to stacking your plate high with different kebabs—meats to buns to mushrooms to tofu. Wash it down with a crisp, cold Tsingtao on a tiny stool. The perfect China night, no?

Studying in China could be a dream comes true!