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Basic English

This course enables the students to build on their basic skills in English. We customize the course dependent on the prior experience of the students. The course aims to develop the skills of students who have limited knowledge of the English Language. The arte taught in very small group of 3-6 students.

Course details:

Classes are held 3-4 days a week. Each class is 2 hours long


This encompasses understanding short paragraphs, reading for understanding the basic meaning, using images to help enhance the meaning. Vocabulary is developed with the help of reading and other discussion classes on reading


Students start with writing simple sentences. The main focus is on constructing correct sentences following the basic sentence structure. Using correct spellings and tenses are emphasized. Compound sentences are introduced later on the course, only with the use of conjunctions.

The main aspects are: Sentence construction, Completing phrases, Understanding sentence structure, Improving basic sentences, Writing groups of sentences, Making meaningful short paragraphs


Parts of Speech-main focus on nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives and adverbs, Tenses, Simple Prepositions and conjunction revisited


Students get introduced to basic English monologues and dialogues in a number of different aspects. They listen to comprehend the main idea of the talk and focus less on individual items. These are very important skills for people in all walks of lives and help them tackle situation easily in this competitive era.


Students are encouraged to speak confidently along with the use of correct pronunciation. There is group discussion, , individual speaking practice, practicing short monologues and some role playing tasks. It is a fun was to learn to speak the English language and learn to overcome the fear of the language.