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Our Executive and Professional Business English program is an individual course in practical business English for professionals with intermediate or low levels of English. This includes beginners as well.

The Executive and Professional program is designed to meet the demands of executives with busy schedules, for whom a high quality, individualized solution is the only acceptable approach.

Course details:

We concentrate on giving you the self-confidence and practical ability to break out of your current level of English and speak with ease, comfort and spontaneity. Gaining confidence, overcoming minor errors, pronunciation (phonetics) practice, monologues, and context based speaking and focus on vocabulary is our primary concern.

The classes can be scheduled to take place twice a week or thrice a week either at our premises or it can be catered to organization. All corporate courses are customized to fit requirements.

Listening to rapid speech and comprehending them

Attending and preparing meetings, minutes and presentations

Management do’s and don’ts, roles and relationships

Making your point, Telephone conversations, Business dinners and other etiquettes, Socializing, Emails, Networking, Cultural comparisons, Ethics, Giving opinions, Decision making, Dealing with complaints & crises.